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Patch Notes 09/16/2020

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Server Changelog: September 16, 2020



1. Server's Episode is now Episode VI: The Global Project

  • Gonryun, and Amatsu dungeons are now officially open. Including its town.
  • New Job Class: Super Novice
  • New MVP's Evil Snake Lord and Incantation Samurai

2. Lite Graphics Plugin is now enabled (@lgp)

  • @lgp - Enables/Disables LGP.
  • @square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
  • @circle - Displays circle around the character.
  • @aoes - Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.
  • @shake - Enables/Disables "shake" effect

3. Battlegrounds Related

  • Enabled once again the Battlegrounds for LuminaRO. This will be on trial and if it ever crashes the server, it will be disabled again.
  • Added option to enable/disable Battleground announcements in Login Settings (@loginsettings)
  • Added Poring Soccerball Mode in Battlegrounds


  • only Battleground Items/Potions will now work inside Battlegrounds.

4. Added @market command

  • This is an exclusive command for everyone. This can be used to create a chatroom clone while doing something else.
  • Can only be used in Maintown. Chatroom restricted areas.
  • @marketkill command to kill your chatroom clone.

5. Automated Event Changes

  • Poring Catcher
    • Porings will now only be 1 hit.
    • Implemented No Equipments inside the event area.
  • Last Man Standing
    • Fixed issue with skills not enabled during automated sessions.

6. Disabled @hold command.

7. Premium VIP Changes

  • Using another VIP ticket will now overwrite the current VIP. (Meaning, it will be extended)
  • Pressing cancel will no longer consume the ticket.
  • When VIP Premium is active, it should now show a debuff icon on the right side.
  • Added additional buffs from the Healer NPC that have a 3 minute cooldown; Gloria and Impositio Manus.
  • Fixed Issue regarding free usage of Warper NPC if VIP is active.


1. Disabled Walking Priest NPC's in Maintown.

2. Added Fire Arrow Consumable in Tool Dealer (Maintown)

3. Job Changer NPC now gives the default basic equipments when changing to a desired class.

4. Adjusted Card Remover NPC zeny cost from 60,000z to 350,000z per decard.

5. Fixed Kafra savepoint issue in @go 23 and @go 22.


1. Lumina's Badge and Lumina's Beginner's Hat can now be sold to NPC.

2. Convex Mirror Box and Bubble Gum Box from the Donation Shop can now be tradeable.

3. Fixed Anolian Card issue regarding its prefix

4. Added Unlimited Fly Wing in the Donation Consumables Shop.


1. Fixed Plagiarism Skill description for Classic and no longer renewal.

2. Evil Snake Lord & Incantation Samurai had been buffed.


Major Server Changelog related will be on September 20, 2020.

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