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Guild Package v1.0

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How to be eligible with the Guild Package?

  • Must have a minimum of 18 Active Unique Members. (No Dual)
  • Guild Level must be 15+
  • Each Member must be Level 60+

How to Apply?

  • Each member must join the Discord Channel.
  • Guild Leader must contact us in any of the following platforms; Facebook, In-game, or Discord.
  • Guild Leader should provide a screenshot and emblem(For Advertisement) of their Guild with Leader and its members inside LuminaRO.
  • Each member should be online when rewards being given.
  • Make sure you are eligible for the Guild Package before applying.


  • Guilds cannot claim more than once.
  • The Guild must understand that the package is not to make yourselves WoE-ready but to help you start.
  • The Guild must understand that transferring to Lumina Ragnarok with their guild doesn't make them special. Any member who will show intolerable toxicity, the Guild Leader will be punished accordingly.
  • If you guild is not qualified for the 18 members, we will interview your guild for legitimacy.



  • 20x Donation Badges
  • 1x Premium VIP Box (31 Days)
  • 10,000,000z
  • 7773.gif 400x War Badges
  • 7729.gif 200x Glory Badges
  • 14003.gif 10x Elite Siege Box
  • kafra.gif 6x Kafra Card
  • 14208.gif 1x Battle Manual Box (10pcs)
  • 14208.gif 1x Job Manual Box (10pcs)
  • 14208.gif 1x Bubble Gum Box (10pcs)
  • card1.gif 1x Bounded Raydric Card
  • card1.gif 1x Bounded Thara Frog Card Card
  • card1.gif 1x Bounded Horn Card
  • card1.gif 1x Bounded Hydra Card
  • card1.gif 1x Bounded Zerom Card
  • card1.gif 1x Bounded Smokie Card
  • 5336.gif 1x Guildsman Recruiter Hat
  • coat.gif +8 Coat [1] (Bounded)
  • 2102.gif +8 Guard [1] (Bounded)
  • 2501.gif +8 Hood [1] (Bounded)
  • 2402.gif +8 Sandals [1] (Bounded)
  • 2624.gif 1x Glove [1] (Bounded)



  • 20x Donation Shards
  • 1x 7 Days VIP
  • 300,000z
  • 7773.gif 200x War Badges
  • 14003.gif 10x Advance Siege Box
  • kafra.gif 3x Kafra Card
  • 14592.gif 3x Battle Manual
  • 14592.gif 3x Job Manual
  • 12210.gif 3x Bubble Gum
  • card1.gif 1x Sealed Raydric Card
    • Increase Resistance to Neutral Property Attacks by 10%
  • card1.gif 1x Sealed Thara Frog Card Card
    • Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 15%
  • card1.gif 1x Sealed Horn Card
    • Reduce Damage from Long Range attacks by 20%
  • card1.gif 1x Sealed Hydra Card
    • Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 12%
  • card1.gif 1x Sealed Zerom Card
    • Increase Dex +2
  • 5337.gif 1x Party Recruiter Hat
  • coat.gif +6 Coat [1] (Bounded)
  • 2102.gif +6 Guard [1] (Bounded)
  • 2501.gif +6 Hood [1] (Bounded)
  • 2402.gif +6 Sandals [1] (Bounded)
  • 2624.gif 1x Glove [1] (Bounded)

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