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Android Client is back ONLINE!

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Hello, Adventurers!

We are happy to announce that Android Client is back ONLINE! Compensations will be given individually for the users that are AFFECTED. If you had played PC, and mobile at the same time, compensation will not be given.

Players may need to RE-INSTALL the new APK that can be downloaded here by clicking this link. The old APK will no longer work. Download links are also updated in www.lumina-ro.net


Android Changelogs:

  • Stability improvements for packet version 20181107 (and probably some other packet versions)

  • Lowered minimum required Android version from 7.0 to 5.0

  • Fixed silent quit instead of error "no space left on device" when downloading full client


Thank you for patiently waiting and we are sorry for the inconvenience we had caused!


Keep safe and many thanks,



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