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Patch Notes 09/01/2020

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Server Changelog: 09/01/2020


Feature Related:

1. Lumina's Blessing is now activated.

  • Receive 10% more experience and a chance to double drop rate of items gained from monsters. Blessing is activated during Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will run for the duration of 24 hours.
  • When Lumina's Blessing is activated, it will show a debuff icon in the right side.

2. Adjusted MVP/Mini Card Drop Rate from 0.01 to 0.50%

3. Revamped PvP System

  • Added PvP Points. For every player kill is equivalent to 1 point. Maximum of 50 points daily.
  • Guildmates can now hit each other inside PvP Room.
  • PVP Room will not dispell players when entering the area.
  • Points are Account Bounded.
  • Points is not valid when using Grand Cross to suicide, poison bottle, and related.
  • Runestone Rewards for PvP will be released with Episode 6.

4. Revamped MVP System

  • Added MVP Announcer when an MVP is killed.
  • Added MVP Points System. For every MVP killed is equivalent to 1 point.
  • MvP Points shop will be released with Episode 6.

5. Added Last Man Standing (Automated Event)

  • 2:30 Server Time
  • 14:30 Server Time
  • Prizes: Zeny and Donation Badges.

6. Added Poring Catcher (Automated Event)

  • 3:00 Server Time
  • 8:00  Server Time
  • 15:00 Server Time
  • 19:00 Server Time
  • Prizes: Zeny and Donation Shards.

7. Added Dice Event (Automated Event)

  • 2:00 Server Time
  • 6:00 Server Time
  • 10:00 Server Time
  • 14:00 Server Time
  • 18:00 Server Time
  • 22:00 Server Time
  • Prizes: Donation Shards.

8. Disguise Event is removed from the Rotation of Automated Events. Will be back after 2 weeks.

9. Adjusted Find the Mushroom event from every 1 hour to every 3 hours.

10. Added @security command. Available for everyone.

11. Attendance System and Daily Rewards Level Requirement adjusted from Level 1 to Level 85 to claim their daily attendance reward.

12. Party Settings-Idle Players will now receive EXP.

13. Enabled autoloot for Homunculus.

14. Adjusted Storage Limit for Non-VIP to 600 storage limit.

15. When using @hourlypoints it should now show your current points, and the time left to gain the next hourly point.


NPC Related:

1. Added Costume Weapon Skins in the Donation Area

  • The Weapons listed are Costume Weapons which is equipped in the Costume category.
  • These weapons doesn't have effects and it is purely cosmetic.
  • Preview available by clicking the link below


2. Added Card Gacha NPC in the center of the maintown. (Limited Time)

  • This week's feature is Moonlight Flower Card.
  • You only need zeny to partake in the Gacha NPC.

3. Added Quest Headgears NPC. The area is located on the right side of the Donation Area.

  • Quest Upper Headgears
  • Quest Middle Headgears
  • Quest Lower Headgears.
  • Dyestuff Maker NPC.

4. Added Limited-Time Quest NPC for 6 days only.

  • Skull Hood and Balloon Hat Featured Quest Items.

5. Added Izlude Sailor NPC to travel Byalan Island.

6. Removed chance to break percentage in the Card Remover NPC.

7. Removed Pre-Registration NPC's and updated Freebies NPC.

8. Added Private Room NPC

  • This NPC is use for Bloody Branches, Dead Branches, and Abracadabra Sessions.
  • Room rent is 1,000 zeny per 60 minutes.

9. Added Job Changer NPC

  • Changing automatically with Job Changer will NOT GIVE any item rewards. Located in Maintown.

10. Added Universal Rental NPC

  • Requires zeny to use the NPC. Located in Maintown.

11. Added Missing Quest Maker NPC's

  • Neris, Yuno NPC


Item Related:

1. Updated Item Information to Classic Description Script.

2. Removed Weight Restriction of Neuralizer in order to Skill Reset.



1. Chat Filter updated.

2. Disabled monsters at moc_fild20.

3. Fixed Walk-Delay issue related to clicking NPC's and casting skills.

4. Removed Renewal Quest Informations in Quest Tab (Alt+U)

5. Fixed issue with Dracula's Undead status effect that causes bmp crash.


September 3, 2020 - Releases

1. Dye Maker NPC in Maintown Quest Area.

2. Offical kRO Quest NPC in Maintown Quest Area.

September 7, 2020 - Releases

1. Episode 6: Beyond Midgard

2. LuminaRO Exclusive Battleground

3. Start of World Boss.


LuminaRO Staff Team 2020.

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