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  1. Please follow these set of Rules to avoid getting banned in-game and on forums. ----------- FORUM/DISCORD GENERAL RULES: Respect other users and their opinions. No racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, racial slurs, etc. No spamming, disruptive chat, or illegal topics of any kind. This includes nicknames, text, emoji, links, images, EXCESSIVE CAPS. No bypassing chat channels, please use the appropriate section/channels to post your concerns. No account trading/selling/buying. A.K.A RMT (Real Money Trade). No talk or advertisement of cheats/hacks/scams/3rd party exploits. I'd give you a boot without any warnings. No malicious chat or content allowed. No Not Safe for Work (NSFW) or Not Safe for Life (NSFL) content. No blatant advertisements of other forums or chats. No impersonation. This will result a banned immediately when proven guilty. Any charge back on donations made via Paypal will result in a permanent ban. STOP ASKING HOW TO BE A GM OR A STAFF. We will contact you personally if we want to hire you. Any kind of insult, offense, humiliation, or ironic / sarcastic comments to a Staff member will not be tolerated. Any disrespect you have with a Staff member may result in punishment. ----------- IN-GAME RULES: No scamming. If proven guilty your account will be banned with no appeal. No bug exploiting. Once found guilty, your account will be banned with no appeal. No spamming of skills that will disrupt other players just because you think it's "fun". These include the skills: Ice wall to block players. Portal Casting in the respawn point. Using Safety Wall, Heal and etc to prevent the other players from killing the MVPs/Mobs. No sexual harassment. Golden Rule ;). The usage of "no delay" program will result a permanent banned. NO APPEAL/NO EXCUSES. Hacking is prohibited. We do not recommend sharing your account info to other players. Staff will not return your lost items but will punish the person responsible. No impersonation of guild, player and especially the staff. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. Do not ask how to be a GM or spamming the GMs to do an event. Do not spam the chat channels or using the ALT+M/Hotkeys to spam texts. Rules are not limited to what only written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense, and be a smart player.
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