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  1. I don't get your point since euRO is still an official server so I'm just trying to tell you that way back in 2005 before trans came out, traps worked that way. EuRO wasn't merged with iRO in 2005 tho.
  2. Please enable the world map. It can come very handy especially for people who aren't really familiar with the map codes, e.g. (pay_fild08, ...). Also, you don't have to go to rms or some ragnarok site to use as reference.
  3. I can't provide a published source, but here are 2005 War of Emperium clips from the Official European Ragnarok Online (CHAOS Server), you'll see that allies aren't affected by traps inside the castle. Also, as far as I can remember, when transcendent classes were patched into the game, the trap mechanics in siege has been changed since it affected allies and was not viable anymore. Take note that by the time of the 2007 revision, transcendent classes were already out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIPe8nVn57Q
  4. Hi, I've been trapping for years in multiple servers including the official one. Traps have always been this way in the Pre-Renewal setting, allies and the user aren't affected by their own traps. Also, stop referring to irowiki as it's skill descriptions are based on the current RO episodes, I'd consider irowiki's skill description to be valid in this discussion if this server were a 3rd Job Renewal Server.
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