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  1. @Goofy it is not a sudden nerf, it was stated in the server info ever since the first day of the server. What we wrote in the patch notes is we had updated it to its effect, as it was found reverted.
  2. The War is finally here. -0- Hello, Adventurers! We will now be officially opening War of Emperium this coming September 27, 2020 10:00PM to 11:00PM GMT+8 | 14:00-15:00 UTC (Server Time). Schedule for the next WoE will be posted after the opening. There will be an Item Shower event before War of Emperium that will give alot of players Siege Boxes to jumpstart the opening of War of Emperium. Players may still inquire about the Guild Package if they haven't claimed one yet. The timeslot for War of Emperium in the next schedules are not final and may change depending on schedule that will be provided. Guild Package Link: https://lumina-ro.net/specials/guild-package/ Restrictions during War of Emperium; Guyak Pudding, Speed Potions, Mini-boss Cards, and MVP Cards will not be allowed to be useable during War of Emperium. Guild Alliance is disabled. Creating a new guild is disabled during siege. Inviting Members during siege is disabled. If there are other concerns, and suggestions. Feel free to let us know. Thank you so much!
  3. Server's First PvP Event -0- Event Rules: Map is set to PvP Mode. Food buffs are allowed. Maximum of 20 teams. Limited slots only. Event is scheduled on September 26,2020 | 10:30PM GMT+8 1 Hunter and 1 Monk each team. Players must be Level 99. Map: Geffen Magic Tournament -0- Game Mechanics If a Player disconnected while the match is ongoing, the match will continue as is. 10 minutes per match, if match is still ongoing. It will be settled through Dice. Upper Bracket Matches are Best of 3. Team who will lose will be down to Loser's Bracket. Loser's Bracket are Single Elimination. Grand Finals are Best of 5. -0- Disqualification 5 minutes waiting time for each Match. If team doesn't show up, it is considered a win for the other team. Trash talking will merit a disqualification for the team responsible. No dual teams. This will merit a disqualification. -0- Disabled Items & Equipments MvP/Mini-Boss Cards Marc Card Evil Druid Card Kafra Card Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Seeds Box of Gloom Box of Drowsiness Box of Resentment Authoritative Badges -0- Prizes Grand Winner 2x Gigantic Majestic Goat 20x Donation Badges 10x Event Token 20,000,000z 1st Runner-up 4x Event Token 10x Donation Badges 10,000,000z 2nd Runner-up 2x Event Token 4x Donation Badges 5,000,000z Consolations 20x Donation Shards. -0- Registration Format TEAM NAME (This is also your Party Name) PLAYER A- Job Class PLAYER B- Job Class Other Suggestions: (If there are any) Registration until September 26, 2020 8:00PM GMT+8
  4. Server Changelog: September 21, 2020 Sorry for the short updates as we pulled some of the updates we did because of the crash issues. ------------------------------------------ 1. New Quest Area Implemented Players can directly warp here by typing @quest or through the Quest Warper at maintown above the PvP Points Shop. All Quest NPC's and Instances will be put here. 2. Added Mini-Endless Tower Instance This instance is up to 25 Floors only. This is the same how Endless Tower works but simplified to a shorter version. This NPC can be found at @quest area. MvP Floor Guide Floor 5- Amon Ra & Golden Thief Bug Floor 10- Osiris & Mistress Floor 15- Phreeoni & Maya Floor 20- Drake & Garm Floor 25- Orc Hero & Orc Lord 3. Hourly Points are now cumulative, meaning it should now continuously run points even if your character is disconnected. 4. @request will now have a 2 minute cooldown to avoid spamming of messages. 5. Automated Event Changes Added Event Images when events are starting in client screen. Added new event Ms Password NPC. Mushrooms in Find the Mushroom Event are now kill able in 1 hit. 1. Added Mjolnir Field & Mjolnir Dungeon to Warper NPC. Leave 1 Access only. 2. Added 12 new headgears in Donation Headgear NPC. 3. Removed Switch Build Option in Build Manager NPC due to bug issues. 4. Added Neuralizer & Premium Reset Stone in Level 50 Rewards NPC. 5. Added PvP Rooms across all towns. 6. Removed Card Gacha & Pet Gacha NPC to be back next week. 7. Fixed issue with Broadcaster NPC cooldown being global. 1. Dead Branch will no longer consume 2 branches. 2. Fixed Issues with Rental Items not expiring. 3. Fixed Donation Consumables not being able to be traded. 4 Updated description for Golden Thief Bug Card. 5. Fixed Issue with Sealed Cards crashing upon viewing card image. 6. Adjusted card drop rate for Myst Case Card & Cloud Hermit Card to 0.50% -0-
  5. Server Changelog: September 16, 2020 -0- 1. Server's Episode is now Episode VI: The Global Project Gonryun, and Amatsu dungeons are now officially open. Including its town. New Job Class: Super Novice New MVP's Evil Snake Lord and Incantation Samurai 2. Lite Graphics Plugin is now enabled (@lgp) @lgp - Enables/Disables LGP. @square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size. @circle - Displays circle around the character. @aoes - Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm. @shake - Enables/Disables "shake" effect 3. Battlegrounds Related Enabled once again the Battlegrounds for LuminaRO. This will be on trial and if it ever crashes the server, it will be disabled again. Added option to enable/disable Battleground announcements in Login Settings (@loginsettings) Added Poring Soccerball Mode in Battlegrounds only Battleground Items/Potions will now work inside Battlegrounds. 4. Added @market command This is an exclusive command for everyone. This can be used to create a chatroom clone while doing something else. Can only be used in Maintown. Chatroom restricted areas. @marketkill command to kill your chatroom clone. 5. Automated Event Changes Poring Catcher Porings will now only be 1 hit. Implemented No Equipments inside the event area. Last Man Standing Fixed issue with skills not enabled during automated sessions. 6. Disabled @hold command. 7. Premium VIP Changes Using another VIP ticket will now overwrite the current VIP. (Meaning, it will be extended) Pressing cancel will no longer consume the ticket. When VIP Premium is active, it should now show a debuff icon on the right side. Added additional buffs from the Healer NPC that have a 3 minute cooldown; Gloria and Impositio Manus. Fixed Issue regarding free usage of Warper NPC if VIP is active. 1. Disabled Walking Priest NPC's in Maintown. 2. Added Fire Arrow Consumable in Tool Dealer (Maintown) 3. Job Changer NPC now gives the default basic equipments when changing to a desired class. 4. Adjusted Card Remover NPC zeny cost from 60,000z to 350,000z per decard. 5. Fixed Kafra savepoint issue in @go 23 and @go 22. 1. Lumina's Badge and Lumina's Beginner's Hat can now be sold to NPC. 2. Convex Mirror Box and Bubble Gum Box from the Donation Shop can now be tradeable. 3. Fixed Anolian Card issue regarding its prefix 4. Added Unlimited Fly Wing in the Donation Consumables Shop. 1. Fixed Plagiarism Skill description for Classic and no longer renewal. 2. Evil Snake Lord & Incantation Samurai had been buffed. ---- Major Server Changelog related will be on September 20, 2020.
  6. Greetings, Adventurers! We will be having 2 Server Maintenance today and this coming weekend. Please, take note of the following time schedules; September 16, 2020 (WED) | 6:00PM to 9:00PM (GMT+8 Singapore) September 20, 2020 (SUN) | 1:00PM to 3:00PM (GMT+8 Singapore) Please, be advised. Test server however will be available for everyone for testing purposes. Thank you, and have a great day!
  7. ------0-------- How to be eligible with the Guild Package? Must have a minimum of 18 Active Unique Members. (No Dual) Guild Level must be 15+ Each Member must be Level 60+ How to Apply? Each member must join the Discord Channel. Guild Leader must contact us in any of the following platforms; Facebook, In-game, or Discord. Guild Leader should provide a screenshot and emblem(For Advertisement) of their Guild with Leader and its members inside LuminaRO. Each member should be online when rewards being given. Make sure you are eligible for the Guild Package before applying. Notes Guilds cannot claim more than once. The Guild must understand that the package is not to make yourselves WoE-ready but to help you start. The Guild must understand that transferring to Lumina Ragnarok with their guild doesn't make them special. Any member who will show intolerable toxicity, the Guild Leader will be punished accordingly. If you guild is not qualified for the 18 members, we will interview your guild for legitimacy. ------0-------- 20x Donation Badges 1x Premium VIP Box (31 Days) 10,000,000z 400x War Badges 200x Glory Badges 10x Elite Siege Box 6x Kafra Card 1x Battle Manual Box (10pcs) 1x Job Manual Box (10pcs) 1x Bubble Gum Box (10pcs) 1x Bounded Raydric Card 1x Bounded Thara Frog Card Card 1x Bounded Horn Card 1x Bounded Hydra Card 1x Bounded Zerom Card 1x Bounded Smokie Card 1x Guildsman Recruiter Hat +8 Coat [1] (Bounded) +8 Guard [1] (Bounded) +8 Hood [1] (Bounded) +8 Sandals [1] (Bounded) 1x Glove [1] (Bounded) ------0-------- 20x Donation Shards 1x 7 Days VIP 300,000z 200x War Badges 10x Advance Siege Box 3x Kafra Card 3x Battle Manual 3x Job Manual 3x Bubble Gum 1x Sealed Raydric Card Increase Resistance to Neutral Property Attacks by 10% 1x Sealed Thara Frog Card Card Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 15% 1x Sealed Horn Card Reduce Damage from Long Range attacks by 20% 1x Sealed Hydra Card Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 12% 1x Sealed Zerom Card Increase Dex +2 1x Party Recruiter Hat +6 Coat [1] (Bounded) +6 Guard [1] (Bounded) +6 Hood [1] (Bounded) +6 Sandals [1] (Bounded) 1x Glove [1] (Bounded)
  8. September 9, 2020 Server Changelog ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. LuminaRO's Battleground Exclusive is now live. (There may be bugs, please report if there are still any!) The Battlegrounds is heavily modified along with customized maps and made exclusively for LuminaRO. For more details regarding battleground; please refer to this link. 2. PvP Room Party members will no longer hit each other. Party skills will now work inside PvP Rooms. 3. Automated Events Added new commands @joinporing, @joindice, and @joinlms. Commands are used to automatically join automated events. Removed Zeny price in Last Man Standing Event. Removed Yuno map in Find The Mushroom Event as it was found buggy in that map. Increased waiting time from 1 minute to 2 minutes of all automated events. 4. @autotrade command will now reset every 48 hours. 5. Added @quest and @donate commands to easily access locations. 6. Removed #main and #trade channel to give way for Broadcaster NPC. 7. Added Runestone System for PvP You can only obtain PvP Points inside PvP Room. Daily Limit of 50 points per day. Runestones doesn't need to be consumed. It only needs to be in your inventory for the effect to work. Same Types do not stack. Please, see the PvP Points Shop NPC for more info. 1. New Player Freebies NPC Will now announce new players globally when they claimed successfully. Added Premium Subscriber Ticket for 3 days for new players. 2. Albert NPC - now gives 2x Advance Siege Box (Character Bounded) and reduced Novice Red Potions weight to 0. 3. Tool Dealer NPC now sells Berserk Potion for 3,000z. 4. Job Changer NPC now gives basic weapons upon job change depending on the class. 5. Scroll Merchant NPC in Yuno is now enabled. 6. Removed Assumptio Buff in Healer NPC (Newbie Zone) 7. Added MvP Points Shop NPC above MvP Hunter Ranking. 8. Added PvP Points Shop NPC above PvP Room warper. 9. Adjusted Broadcaster NPC zeny price from 300,000z to 2,000z. Added 3 minutes cooldown per broadcast. 10. Enabled Official Headgear Quest. (Reference: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Headgear_Ingredients) 11. Added Walking Player Sprites that randomly buff users. 12. Added Mercenary Rental Shop NPC. Players will now be able to purchase Mercenary Scrolls using zeny to aid them in their adventure. 13. Added Mercenary Scrolls in Hourly Shop NPC 14. Card Gacha NPC Featured Cards: Turtle General Card & Smokie Card Limited Time NPC (9/9/2020 until 9/16/020) 15. Pet Egg Gacha NPC Featured Pets: Priestess & Hawkeye Egg Limited Time (9/9/2020 until 9/16/020) 16. Quest NPC's Weekly Quest Headgear Featured Headgears: Bacsojin Doll Hat & Koneko Hat. Upper Quest Headgear Added New Quest Items. Please, see the NPC for more info 17. Donation NPC's Added September Premium Package Added September's Costume. Heavenly Dark Flame Added new headgears in Donation Headgear Category. 1. Arch Angel Wings Fixed Bonus Stats given even without Flapping Angel Wings combo. Reduced Hard Defense Armor of Arch Angel Wings from 7 to 2. Item will no longer have effect if Flapping Angel Wings is not equipped. 2. Fixed Broken Descriptions of the following items; Archangel Wing Medium Life Potion Shell of Resistance Box Bubble Gum Recruit Siege Supply Box Increase Agility Scrolls Blessing Scrolls Blush of Groom Pecopeco Hairband 3. Boarding Halter is no longer character bound. The item can now be stored in storage. 4. Adjusted item usage of Food Items from 1 minute cooldown delay to 5 seconds delay. 5. War Badges can now be stored in storage. 6. Fixed Navigation-Failed to find a map error when using Fly Wing. 7. Adjusted Plagiarism NPC price from 60,000z to 20,000z. 8. Lumina's Monthly Egg Updated for September 2020 Edition. Fixed and updated description in what items they will get when opened. 1. Players will no longer be able to memo MvP maps. 2. Fixed Homunculus Issue where they cannot use skills or target players. 3. Grand Peco's Mastela Fruit nerfed from 45% to 10% drop rate. 4. Added Donation Shards - 5% chance drop rate to all MVP's in MVP Maps related. 5. Asura Strike adjusted cooldown from 4 seconds to 8 seconds. 6. Adjusted Dispell Skill chance to fail from 30% to 10%. 7. MVP Card Drop rate adjusted from 0.50% to 0.10%. 8. Witherless Rose drop from Wild Rose dropped from 9% to 2%. ------------ TL;DR We had decided not to push Episode 6 in this Patch so we can compile and track Battlegrounds issues if there are still any. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  9. Greetings, Adventurers! There will be a Server Maintenance September 9, 2020 (Wednesday) | 11:00 to 14:00 ST | 7:00PM to 10:00PM GMT+8. Please, be advised. Thank you! Many thanks,
  10. Hello, Adventurers! We are happy to announce that Android Client is back ONLINE! Compensations will be given individually for the users that are AFFECTED. If you had played PC, and mobile at the same time, compensation will not be given. Players may need to RE-INSTALL the new APK that can be downloaded here by clicking this link. The old APK will no longer work. Download links are also updated in www.lumina-ro.net Android Changelogs: Stability improvements for packet version 20181107 (and probably some other packet versions) Lowered minimum required Android version from 7.0 to 5.0 Fixed silent quit instead of error "no space left on device" when downloading full client Thank you for patiently waiting and we are sorry for the inconvenience we had caused! Keep safe and many thanks,
  11. Server Changelog: 09/01/2020 ---------------------------------------------- Feature Related: 1. Lumina's Blessing is now activated. Receive 10% more experience and a chance to double drop rate of items gained from monsters. Blessing is activated during Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will run for the duration of 24 hours. When Lumina's Blessing is activated, it will show a debuff icon in the right side. 2. Adjusted MVP/Mini Card Drop Rate from 0.01 to 0.50% 3. Revamped PvP System Added PvP Points. For every player kill is equivalent to 1 point. Maximum of 50 points daily. Guildmates can now hit each other inside PvP Room. PVP Room will not dispell players when entering the area. Points are Account Bounded. Points is not valid when using Grand Cross to suicide, poison bottle, and related. Runestone Rewards for PvP will be released with Episode 6. 4. Revamped MVP System Added MVP Announcer when an MVP is killed. Added MVP Points System. For every MVP killed is equivalent to 1 point. MvP Points shop will be released with Episode 6. 5. Added Last Man Standing (Automated Event) 2:30 Server Time 14:30 Server Time Prizes: Zeny and Donation Badges. 6. Added Poring Catcher (Automated Event) 3:00 Server Time 8:00 Server Time 15:00 Server Time 19:00 Server Time Prizes: Zeny and Donation Shards. 7. Added Dice Event (Automated Event) 2:00 Server Time 6:00 Server Time 10:00 Server Time 14:00 Server Time 18:00 Server Time 22:00 Server Time Prizes: Donation Shards. 8. Disguise Event is removed from the Rotation of Automated Events. Will be back after 2 weeks. 9. Adjusted Find the Mushroom event from every 1 hour to every 3 hours. 10. Added @security command. Available for everyone. 11. Attendance System and Daily Rewards Level Requirement adjusted from Level 1 to Level 85 to claim their daily attendance reward. 12. Party Settings-Idle Players will now receive EXP. 13. Enabled autoloot for Homunculus. 14. Adjusted Storage Limit for Non-VIP to 600 storage limit. 15. When using @hourlypoints it should now show your current points, and the time left to gain the next hourly point. ---------------------------------------------- NPC Related: 1. Added Costume Weapon Skins in the Donation Area The Weapons listed are Costume Weapons which is equipped in the Costume category. These weapons doesn't have effects and it is purely cosmetic. Preview available by clicking the link below 2. Added Card Gacha NPC in the center of the maintown. (Limited Time) This week's feature is Moonlight Flower Card. You only need zeny to partake in the Gacha NPC. 3. Added Quest Headgears NPC. The area is located on the right side of the Donation Area. Quest Upper Headgears Quest Middle Headgears Quest Lower Headgears. Dyestuff Maker NPC. 4. Added Limited-Time Quest NPC for 6 days only. Skull Hood and Balloon Hat Featured Quest Items. 5. Added Izlude Sailor NPC to travel Byalan Island. 6. Removed chance to break percentage in the Card Remover NPC. 7. Removed Pre-Registration NPC's and updated Freebies NPC. 8. Added Private Room NPC This NPC is use for Bloody Branches, Dead Branches, and Abracadabra Sessions. Room rent is 1,000 zeny per 60 minutes. 9. Added Job Changer NPC Changing automatically with Job Changer will NOT GIVE any item rewards. Located in Maintown. 10. Added Universal Rental NPC Requires zeny to use the NPC. Located in Maintown. 11. Added Missing Quest Maker NPC's Neris, Yuno NPC ---------------------------------------------- Item Related: 1. Updated Item Information to Classic Description Script. 2. Removed Weight Restriction of Neuralizer in order to Skill Reset. ---------------------------------------------- HOTFIX: 1. Chat Filter updated. 2. Disabled monsters at moc_fild20. 3. Fixed Walk-Delay issue related to clicking NPC's and casting skills. 4. Removed Renewal Quest Informations in Quest Tab (Alt+U) 5. Fixed issue with Dracula's Undead status effect that causes bmp crash. ------------------------------------------------------------ September 3, 2020 - Releases 1. Dye Maker NPC in Maintown Quest Area. 2. Offical kRO Quest NPC in Maintown Quest Area. September 7, 2020 - Releases 1. Episode 6: Beyond Midgard 2. LuminaRO Exclusive Battleground 3. Start of World Boss. ------------------------------------------------------------ LuminaRO Staff Team 2020.
  12. Greetings, everyone! We will be having a server maintenance in 5 hours as of writing this announcement. Server will be releasing features and preparation to Episode 6. Thank you for understanding. Patch notes will be posted. Sincerely,
  13. Greetings, everyone! Android Client will not be available for 4 to 6 days. We are upgrading our Android Client to cater more android versions starting 5.0 and above, and to improve client issues related. We will be notifying users immediately for the new APK. Compensation will be given for the Android Users. Thank you so much for understanding.
  14. Thank you for joining the event. This event is now officially closed. All players who had earned the milestone will be in the Hall of Fame thread.
  15. Server Update: August 24, 2020 Feature Related: Added @hourlypoints command to check your current Hourly Points. Removed 90 minutes restriction for Attendance System. All Proxy Servers are now fixed and should be working properly. Using @autotrade now dissolves their party. Added Daily Donation Rewards that players will receive automatically every first top up donation of the day. (Resets at Server Time) NPC is at the Donation Area for more details. NPC Related: Added new consumable items to Tool Dealer NPC in Main town. Added new consumable items to Hourly Points Shop NPC, removed 'Elite Siege Supply Box' and 'Kafra Card' from the list. Removed 'Elite Siege Supply Box' from Daily Rewards NPC and replaced with Advance Siege Supply Box. Removed 'Elite Siege Supply Box' from Premium Daily Rewards NPC and replaced with Advance Siege Supply Box. Added buffs to the Healer NPC with no charge. Added Pre-Reg Part 2 NPC in main town. This contains the Pre-registration egg and the 7 Days VIP. Added PvP Room NPC in main town. It will be added soon to all towns. Fixed Issue with Item Shops not accepting restricted items. New Donation Area has been added. Talk to the Donation Warper NPC to be transported automatically in the Area. Added new items in Donation Costumes, Consumables, Luxury, and Donation Headgears. Item Related: Reduced selling rate of Flail [2] (Dropped by: Petite) to 7,000z --- Please, patch your clients before logging in. Thank you very much!
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