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  1. I've not heard of many p.servers going by euRO standards though, so personally I would find it strange to use that as a base line. kRO or iRO are pretty much the golden standard. I think we both proved our own points. I've clearly shown it's not functioning as intended during pre-re iRO, with dated, accurate information. You've also shown some footage of early gameplay showing opposing functionality (albeit euRO and not iRO and in an early stage of the game (I believe that is when MVP's still had 130+ VIT, something else our server has stuck to the more "modern" updated version of pre-re iRO)). I've chosen to let the GM's address it as they see fit. There are LOTS of other issues with the server at the moment, so something like this isn't a huge deal.
  2. It is important to remember as well (sorry edit doesn't seem to be available) that many official servers were franchised out from Samsung so many of them, if not kRO/jRO/iRO tended to have a lot of features alternated. You very well might be remembering correctly from an official server that had changed this. However, again, I would like to see any published source (from the era) confirming your claim before I desist this request.
  3. Here is the 2007 entry of the iRO wiki on snare. (Accessed from the history tab) This IS from pre-re, as their was no renewal at this point. If you have any published evidence from the era that confirms your claim, I'm happy to be proven wrong, but... This seems pretty cut and clear.
  4. 15 Traps is on WoE maps, its generally 3(5?) outside of that (It should be 3(5?) in PVE as well, I haven't checked). (BG is counted as a WoE map, unlike PVP - Hence the lack of WoE-type reductions in the room, and knockback activated) In addition, this is 20+ by a single hunter. Hunters absolutely are supposed to be able to trigger their own traps on maps, as well as their guild mates. Walking past your own sleeper trap in PVP is a tried and true classic. (Here is proof in iRO wiki.) So officially... No. Also please don't use that for an excuse when multiple other facets of the server are not based off official rates either. (Status effects based off renewal, Assassin not gaining speed on walls, melee skills being canceled when a character has to walk at first, refine rates, etc.) This isn't meant to be rude, but please don't tell me incorrect information as justification for things.
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