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    Team Name: WeBareBear Monk: omae wa mou shindeiru Hunter: Jessica Sojo
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    Hello~ Suggestion: Return GTB card to as printed on RMS. (Immune to all magic, Doubled SP usage) Argument: I believe you've nerfed GTB a little bit too hard. While yes, the card is very powerful (when not adjusted or limited where it can be used), its been nerfed into a complete garbage pile. Currently for those that don't know, GTB offers a 40% reduction of magic, at the cost of 50% of MAX HP/SP and Doudble SP Usage. This nerf appears to come (no offense) from people who don't understand that the card has already been nerfed on this server by disallowing its usage in WoE, arguably where it is the most useful. I'm not sure any effect in the game that is meant to be defensive, can properly function even in PVE, let alone PVP, with a -50% total hp/sp clause attached to it. As a reminder: Wearing GTB means you are not wearing a thara card, thus even in "full reducts" from an endowed opponent (pvp) you are only at best getting about 15% reductions. (I'm not sure there is any PVE situation that I would ever put on -50% hp/sp) Give the cards infamous nature and the fact many people farm GTB for the hopes of getting it, having the reward be so bad, it's a bit insulting to players time and efforts. The gold from GTB is honestly more useful then the card currently. Note: I personally don't have the card, but friends do, and I've seen this discussion on discord. I wanted to bring it to the forefront of the forums and people can discuss the matter.
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    TEAM NAME: TeamLah Hunter: ExtraRiceMonk: Sumbag
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    Team Name : TeamBaNga Denzel - Monk FrenchPress -Hunter
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    TEAM NAME (ITR FOR THE WIN) Crank-HunterVanilla- Monk
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    I know we needed a solution to people getting stuck in their own traps, although I think that has been resolved now. However not being effected by your own quagmire, or mine field, in conjunction with the ranged skill glitch that is allowing insane distance on ranged skills... Things are a bit silly. Also... wasn't there normally a trap limit in PVE/PVP?
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    Please enable the world map. It can come very handy especially for people who aren't really familiar with the map codes, e.g. (pay_fild08, ...). Also, you don't have to go to rms or some ragnarok site to use as reference.
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    can you divide or make section on suggestion topic whether its accepted or rejected. currently only few u replies with rejected, others only move to under review, then move to archieved without us knowing its accepted or rejected. can we have list of vip's advantages and how much its worth either here in forum/fb/discord? thanks
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    Greetings, Adventurers! There will be a Server Maintenance September 9, 2020 (Wednesday) | 11:00 to 14:00 ST | 7:00PM to 10:00PM GMT+8. Please, be advised. Thank you! Many thanks,
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