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  2. Team Name: WeBareBear Monk: omae wa mou shindeiru Hunter: Jessica Sojo
  3. @Goofy it is not a sudden nerf, it was stated in the server info ever since the first day of the server. What we wrote in the patch notes is we had updated it to its effect, as it was found reverted.
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  5. is that so. my bad! but still it is to much nerf. -50% hp/sp must be remove on the description!
  6. TEAM NAME: TeamLah Hunter: ExtraRiceMonk: Sumbag
  7. The War is finally here. -0- Hello, Adventurers! We will now be officially opening War of Emperium this coming September 27, 2020 10:00PM to 11:00PM GMT+8 | 14:00-15:00 UTC (Server Time). Schedule for the next WoE will be posted after the opening. There will be an Item Shower event before War of Emperium that will give alot of players Siege Boxes to jumpstart the opening of War of Emperium. Players may still inquire about the Guild Package if they haven't claimed one yet. The timeslot for War of Emperium in the next schedules are not final and may change depending on schedule that will be provided. Guild Package Link: https://lumina-ro.net/specials/guild-package/ Restrictions during War of Emperium; Guyak Pudding, Speed Potions, Mini-boss Cards, and MVP Cards will not be allowed to be useable during War of Emperium. Guild Alliance is disabled. Creating a new guild is disabled during siege. Inviting Members during siege is disabled. If there are other concerns, and suggestions. Feel free to let us know. Thank you so much!
  8. Team Name : TeamBaNga Denzel - Monk FrenchPress -Hunter
  9. TEAM NAME (ITR FOR THE WIN) Crank-HunterVanilla- Monk
  10. Server's First PvP Event -0- Event Rules: Map is set to PvP Mode. Food buffs are allowed. Maximum of 20 teams. Limited slots only. Event is scheduled on September 26,2020 | 10:30PM GMT+8 1 Hunter and 1 Monk each team. Players must be Level 99. Map: Geffen Magic Tournament -0- Game Mechanics If a Player disconnected while the match is ongoing, the match will continue as is. 10 minutes per match, if match is still ongoing. It will be settled through Dice. Upper Bracket Matches are Best of 3. Team who will lose will be down to Loser's Bracket. Loser's Bracket are Single Elimination. Grand Finals are Best of 5. -0- Disqualification 5 minutes waiting time for each Match. If team doesn't show up, it is considered a win for the other team. Trash talking will merit a disqualification for the team responsible. No dual teams. This will merit a disqualification. -0- Disabled Items & Equipments MvP/Mini-Boss Cards Marc Card Evil Druid Card Kafra Card Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Seeds Box of Gloom Box of Drowsiness Box of Resentment Authoritative Badges -0- Prizes Grand Winner 2x Gigantic Majestic Goat 20x Donation Badges 10x Event Token 20,000,000z 1st Runner-up 4x Event Token 10x Donation Badges 10,000,000z 2nd Runner-up 2x Event Token 4x Donation Badges 5,000,000z Consolations 20x Donation Shards. -0- Registration Format TEAM NAME (This is also your Party Name) PLAYER A- Job Class PLAYER B- Job Class Other Suggestions: (If there are any) Registration until September 26, 2020 8:00PM GMT+8
  11. The server's settings aren't accurate to the current episode (i.e. MVPs, gears, skill settings, etc.) so this isn't much of an issue, but in terms of gameplay I don't see this as game breaking or abusable. If you've seen pre-trans WoEs in other servers this is how the traps are set up, check PH/BR pre-trans WoE videos on youtube if you haven't. Although you've given accurate information from the iRO Wiki, I like this setup better but regardless of what you, I or anyone else thinks, its ultimately up to the owner/GMs/devs if they'll change it or not.
  12. I don't get your point since euRO is still an official server so I'm just trying to tell you that way back in 2005 before trans came out, traps worked that way. EuRO wasn't merged with iRO in 2005 tho.
  13. I think a reasonable trade off would be the "reduced" magic immunity, but without the HP/SP nerf, if people are truly concerned about it. (I believe it is 40% on the server info page)
  14. It isn't sudden, it was on the server information page. It's been on there since the server opened. The card information was just changed to match the server information page recently.
  15. This GTB nerfed is very sudden. we just got our GTB and they do a lot of nerfing. We don't know why, we don't see any thread about complaint for this GTB. GTB is very useful not only on PvP but also at PvE, why on earth they do such nerf? I been to many server nerfing thing = lost of valuable players T_T There is so many issues on the server that you have to fix not this nerf. We do our exploiting's share it to you gm and admin, so kindly pls do that first. NO TO SUDDEN NERFFED
  16. I got the card and was using it in pve before it gets nerf this freaking bad HAHAHAHAHA bro, who would want a card that gives you -50% of your hp and sp this card doesn't make you stronger it makes you weaker , The first mvp that literally makes you weaker besides eddga, nobody uses eddga cause of its -25% hp in exchange of an endure so why would you guys think nerfing gtb this bad would balance this card out, is this what you call balancing the op card? or just making a trash mvp card it shouldn't be call an mvp card cause it doesn't gives you shit, at least make it a fair nerf dont make it useless this much its not easy farming mvp cards :/ ban it in pvp if its too OP for others and let me use it in pve i have played other mid rate servers they dont nerf card dis bad to the point it becomes useless , just disabled it if its not getting buffed or changed and atleast change my card to some sort of reward cause 100% cant use this card anywhere now and this is suppose to be rare :/
  17. Hello~ Suggestion: Return GTB card to as printed on RMS. (Immune to all magic, Doubled SP usage) Argument: I believe you've nerfed GTB a little bit too hard. While yes, the card is very powerful (when not adjusted or limited where it can be used), its been nerfed into a complete garbage pile. Currently for those that don't know, GTB offers a 40% reduction of magic, at the cost of 50% of MAX HP/SP and Doudble SP Usage. This nerf appears to come (no offense) from people who don't understand that the card has already been nerfed on this server by disallowing its usage in WoE, arguably where it is the most useful. I'm not sure any effect in the game that is meant to be defensive, can properly function even in PVE, let alone PVP, with a -50% total hp/sp clause attached to it. As a reminder: Wearing GTB means you are not wearing a thara card, thus even in "full reducts" from an endowed opponent (pvp) you are only at best getting about 15% reductions. (I'm not sure there is any PVE situation that I would ever put on -50% hp/sp) Give the cards infamous nature and the fact many people farm GTB for the hopes of getting it, having the reward be so bad, it's a bit insulting to players time and efforts. The gold from GTB is honestly more useful then the card currently. Note: I personally don't have the card, but friends do, and I've seen this discussion on discord. I wanted to bring it to the forefront of the forums and people can discuss the matter.
  18. I've not heard of many p.servers going by euRO standards though, so personally I would find it strange to use that as a base line. kRO or iRO are pretty much the golden standard. I think we both proved our own points. I've clearly shown it's not functioning as intended during pre-re iRO, with dated, accurate information. You've also shown some footage of early gameplay showing opposing functionality (albeit euRO and not iRO and in an early stage of the game (I believe that is when MVP's still had 130+ VIT, something else our server has stuck to the more "modern" updated version of pre-re iRO)). I've chosen to let the GM's address it as they see fit. There are LOTS of other issues with the server at the moment, so something like this isn't a huge deal.
  19. Server Changelog: September 21, 2020 Sorry for the short updates as we pulled some of the updates we did because of the crash issues. ------------------------------------------ 1. New Quest Area Implemented Players can directly warp here by typing @quest or through the Quest Warper at maintown above the PvP Points Shop. All Quest NPC's and Instances will be put here. 2. Added Mini-Endless Tower Instance This instance is up to 25 Floors only. This is the same how Endless Tower works but simplified to a shorter version. This NPC can be found at @quest area. MvP Floor Guide Floor 5- Amon Ra & Golden Thief Bug Floor 10- Osiris & Mistress Floor 15- Phreeoni & Maya Floor 20- Drake & Garm Floor 25- Orc Hero & Orc Lord 3. Hourly Points are now cumulative, meaning it should now continuously run points even if your character is disconnected. 4. @request will now have a 2 minute cooldown to avoid spamming of messages. 5. Automated Event Changes Added Event Images when events are starting in client screen. Added new event Ms Password NPC. Mushrooms in Find the Mushroom Event are now kill able in 1 hit. 1. Added Mjolnir Field & Mjolnir Dungeon to Warper NPC. Leave 1 Access only. 2. Added 12 new headgears in Donation Headgear NPC. 3. Removed Switch Build Option in Build Manager NPC due to bug issues. 4. Added Neuralizer & Premium Reset Stone in Level 50 Rewards NPC. 5. Added PvP Rooms across all towns. 6. Removed Card Gacha & Pet Gacha NPC to be back next week. 7. Fixed issue with Broadcaster NPC cooldown being global. 1. Dead Branch will no longer consume 2 branches. 2. Fixed Issues with Rental Items not expiring. 3. Fixed Donation Consumables not being able to be traded. 4 Updated description for Golden Thief Bug Card. 5. Fixed Issue with Sealed Cards crashing upon viewing card image. 6. Adjusted card drop rate for Myst Case Card & Cloud Hermit Card to 0.50% -0-
  20. i wonder, why many server should disable world map ? because of the unexplored episode of RO ?
  21. This i actually agree with, i particularly like the world map for quick forgetful moments.
  22. Please enable the world map. It can come very handy especially for people who aren't really familiar with the map codes, e.g. (pay_fild08, ...). Also, you don't have to go to rms or some ragnarok site to use as reference.
  23. I can't provide a published source, but here are 2005 War of Emperium clips from the Official European Ragnarok Online (CHAOS Server), you'll see that allies aren't affected by traps inside the castle. Also, as far as I can remember, when transcendent classes were patched into the game, the trap mechanics in siege has been changed since it affected allies and was not viable anymore. Take note that by the time of the 2007 revision, transcendent classes were already out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIPe8nVn57Q
  24. can you divide or make section on suggestion topic whether its accepted or rejected. currently only few u replies with rejected, others only move to under review, then move to archieved without us knowing its accepted or rejected. can we have list of vip's advantages and how much its worth either here in forum/fb/discord? thanks
  25. It is important to remember as well (sorry edit doesn't seem to be available) that many official servers were franchised out from Samsung so many of them, if not kRO/jRO/iRO tended to have a lot of features alternated. You very well might be remembering correctly from an official server that had changed this. However, again, I would like to see any published source (from the era) confirming your claim before I desist this request.
  26. Here is the 2007 entry of the iRO wiki on snare. (Accessed from the history tab) This IS from pre-re, as their was no renewal at this point. If you have any published evidence from the era that confirms your claim, I'm happy to be proven wrong, but... This seems pretty cut and clear.
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