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Hunter-Monk 2vs2: PvP Event registration here.

Hunter-Monk 2vs2 PvP Event: Season 1

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Event details


Server's First PvP Event


Event Rules:

  • Map is set to PvP Mode.
  • Food buffs are allowed.
  • Maximum of 20 teams. Limited slots only.
  • Event is scheduled on September 26,2020 | 10:30PM GMT+8
  • 1 Hunter and 1 Monk each team.
  • Players must be Level 99.
  • Map: Geffen Magic Tournament


Game Mechanics

  • If a Player disconnected while the match is ongoing, the match will continue as is.
  • 10 minutes per match, if match is still ongoing. It will be settled through Dice.
  • Upper Bracket Matches are Best of 3. Team who will lose will be down to Loser's Bracket.
  • Loser's Bracket are Single Elimination.
  • Grand Finals are Best of 5.



  • 5 minutes waiting time for each Match. If team doesn't show up, it is considered a win for the other team.
  • Trash talking will merit a disqualification for the team responsible.
  • No dual teams. This will merit a disqualification.


Disabled Items & Equipments

  • MvP/Mini-Boss Cards
  • Marc Card
  • Evil Druid Card
  • Kafra Card
  • Yggdrasil Berry
  • Yggdrasil Seeds
  • Box of Gloom
  • Box of Drowsiness
  • Box of Resentment
  • Authoritative Badges



Grand Winner

  • 2x Gigantic Majestic Goat
  • 20x Donation Badges
  • 10x Event Token
  • 20,000,000z

1st Runner-up

  • 4x Event Token
  • 10x Donation Badges
  • 10,000,000z

2nd Runner-up

  • 2x Event Token
  • 4x Donation Badges
  • 5,000,000z


  • 20x Donation Shards.


Registration Format

  • TEAM NAME (This is also your Party Name)
    PLAYER A- Job Class

    PLAYER B- Job Class
    Other Suggestions: (If there are any)

Registration until September 26, 2020 8:00PM GMT+8

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Grand Champion - NakoNation

1st Runner Up - ITRForTheWin

2nd Runner Up - WeBareBear

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